The 7 Levers of Business

Double Your Profit without Doubling Your Efforts

Do you lack a clear understanding of what drives your revenue?

Do you feel like you’ve lost control of your business?

Do your profits not reflect what your business deserves?

You need the 7 Levers Framework.

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Introducing the 7 Levers

Developed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, the 7 Levers Framework is a proven method for increasing profits while reducing stress--no matter the structure, size, or industry of your business.

The premise is simple: every business has 7 key drivers of profit (aka the 7 Levers). Identify these levers and achieve small, incremental, 10% Wins in each of them, and you will, very quickly, double your profits--guaranteed.

Thousands of business owners from around the world have reaped the rewards of the 7 Levers Framework.

7 Levers Success Stories

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Jess M

"I highly recommend the program to small business owners who are looking for a new perspective and creative ideas on how they can attract new customers and encourage repeat business."

Andrew C

"The course designed by Pete Williams is practical for modern day businesses and we were able to gain some unique perspective that ultimately, we can implement in to our business."

Amanda B

"Using the 7 Levers Framework in my business clearly showed me what lever I specifically needed to focus on to have the largest impact. As a small and relatively new business, it didn't make sense to make changes across all levers especially as service price points are capped in my industry. However one tweak has an overflow effect that makes sense and works for us."

Double Your Profits with the 7 Levers

Learn More​

New to the 7 Levers and want to better understand how they work?  Download the “10% Wins Manifesto” to learn more about each of the Levers, the origins of the Framework, and how they can help owners gain control of their business while driving long-term, sustainable growth.

Want a deeper dive? Purchase a copy of Cadence, our international-bestselling and award-winning book, which was hailed as the “Best Business Book of the Year” by the International Business Awards​

Gain Control​

Ready to apply the 7 Levers Framework to your business? Our premier, self-guided online course will walk you through how to clarify, capture, and correct each of the 7 Levers in your business, so you can understand what really drives your bottom line and regain control of your business and profits.​

Map Your Strategy​

When developing any strategy, it can be useful to visualize how your efforts will look once they take effect in your business. To support you in your journey, we created the 7 Levers Canvas, a simple template you can use to work through the 7 levers in whatever phase you’re currently in. Use the Canvas to help identify each of the 7 Levers in your business, brainstorm 10% Win ideas, and keep track of progress. ​

Start Growing​

Once you know how your business functions, take your growth to the next level by signing up for one of our  consulting workshops or sprints. Run by a Certified 7 Levers Consultant, these collaborative, timebound events are designed to help busy entrepreneurs develop a specific strategy to achieve 10% Wins in each of the 7 Levers for their business. Gain enough 10% Wins, double your profit.​

Join the 10% Wins Club

Have you successfully applied the 7 Levers Framework to your business? Are you seeing results and want to get recognized for your efforts with some free swag? Do you want to connect with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs?

Our 10% Wins Club is an exclusive members-only group for entrepreneurs, marketers, and SMEs who have used the 7 Levers Framework to regain control, reduce stress, and drive revenue in their business. Join today.